The ONTOCOM Excel Tool is a tool to estimate the costs of ontology development projects. The Excel-based tool enables managers of ontology development projects to estimate the person months (PM) required to develop their project. The current version of the tool uses historical data of over 150 ontology development projects to estimate the costs. New data can be easily added to make more customized predictions. Information about the ONTOCOM tool is available upon request. Contact information can be found here.

The ONTOCOM ESTIMATION Tool (License: GNU LGPL) is a Web and form-based tool to make estimations for ontology development projects. It can be acccessed here

An Excel-based tool (License: GNU LGPL) to customize ONTOCOM to your own needs and to perform data calibration is available here

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FOLCOM is a new method which provides the opportunity to estimate the effort, which a community spends on the folksonomy construction. To apply FOLCOM to the construction process of a specific folksonomy development process, some representative tagging data is needed. Therefore the Tagging Efficiency Monitor has been developed. It can be used to measure the needed data to apply FOLCOM to the project. The Tagging Efficiency Monitor can be found here

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